G.I. Joe Skin Teased for Fortnite, Here's Who We Think It Is

Epic Games put out one of its telling Fortnite teasers on Friday in the form of the “Incoming [...]

Epic Games put out one of its telling Fortnite teasers on Friday in the form of the "Incoming Transmission" trailers that have previewed what's to come all throughout the season. This time, it looks as though the teaser is hinting at a G.I. Joe crossover with some pretty pointed references towards Snake Eyes in particular. This isn't the first time this sort of teaser has hinted at a G.I. Joe collab either, so that theory is looking more likely than ever before now.

The latest hint at what's to come in Fortnite can be heard below courtesy of the Fortnite Twitter account after the most recent transmission was shared on Friday. The Target Description that refers to the hinted character as "Ninja Master" could be a number of possibilities from that description alone, but the audio from the teaser narrows things down.

Aside from talks about laser guns and explosions and the character's buddies being the "real deal" which may be a reference to the "Real American Heroes" tagline, a more telling tease is the part where it says people will never hear the Ninja Master coming. Since Snake Eyes doesn't speak, it makes sense to say that people wouldn't hear him coming. If there was still any doubt about who the teaser is referencing, the fact that the character in question has friends who all have "the best codenames" is one of the most useful hints of all.

Fortnite's director Donald Mustard also recently changed his location on Twitter to "Arashikage Clan," a reference to the group that trained Snake Eyes. That happened prior to this latest teaser being revealed and isn't the first time Mustard's used his Twitter location to hint at what's to come.

Plenty of Fortnite teasers like these have been shared throughout the course of the season for things like the Predator crossover and the time when Kratos from the God of War games was added, so we have a pretty good idea of how these things go by now. These audio teasers are typically the last hints about upcoming crossovers before the content is actually released, so it shouldn't be too long before the suspected G.I. Joe skin is available. A skin for Snake Eyes is the minimum expectation, though we might see other G.I. Joe skins released along with other cosmetics.