Fortnite Releases New Predator Teaser

Epic Games released another Fortnite teaser for new Season 5: Zero Point content this week to [...]

Epic Games released another Fortnite teaser for new Season 5: Zero Point content this week to preview the arrival of the Predator content players have been waiting for. Just as the past Fortnite teasers featured "Reality Logs" consisting of an audio clip and a codename of sorts to foreshadow what's to come, this one did the same by referencing the Predator species itself. The new Predator cosmetic – or cosmetics, depending on how many skins or skin variants are released – should be available soon with this likely being one of the last teasers for the content.

You can check out the audio clip from the Fortnite Twitter account below to pick up on the Predator hints. There's a lot of talk of the hunter becoming the hunted with noises from the jungle filling the background to give an idea of what's to come to the game next.

If the audio alone wasn't enough of a giveaway, the target description for this bounty hunter that's being recruited is all you need to know. It refers to the target as "Yautja – Trophy Hunter" which can be none other than a Predator. The Yautja is the official name of the species in the Predator universe, and there's basically no creature better than them when it comes to collecting trophies from their prey.

Some Predator content has already been available in the game through the release of cosmetics like sprays, but the actual Predator skin hasn't made an appearance yet. Things like a crashed ship have been spotted around the map and needed to be found to complete these challenges. It's thought that this skin will be unlocked by completing all the associated challenges which means that if you're caught up on the rest of the Predator-themed tasks, you should have an easier time getting the skin whenever it's released.

Though it's certain we'll be getting a Predator skin, players have some ideas about what else we might see unfold when the Predator arrives. Just as Wolverine was a boss of sorts in the Marvel-themed season, it's believed that players may have to fight the Predator and defeat it if they want to obtain the skin.

Fortnite's teasers for the Predator content appear to be coming to an end, so look for the skin itself to be fully unveiled and earnable soon