Fortnite Brings Back One of Its Best Crossover Skins for a Limited Time

Fortnite’s got no shortage of crossover skins from all the different properties which have [...]

Fortnite's got no shortage of crossover skins from all the different properties which have collaborated with the game, but for a limited time, it's welcomed back one of the best and most surprising premium skins it's ever received. John Wick is back in the Fortnite Item Shop right now along with the Sofia skin and other cosmetics related to the collection, but they'll only be available for a while before they're removed again.

Epic Games announced the return of the John Wick skin set this week on Twitter this week to give players ample time to pick up their cosmetic if they never got it when it was first released or another time when it was brought back. The skin has appeared periodically in the Item Shop since it was released in 2019, but depending on when you started playing Fortnite and how much you played afterwards, there's a chance players may not have ever had a chance to get the skin when it was previously available.

John Wick is the main skin for the collection, but it's not the only cosmetic. In addition to the Sofia skin, things like pickaxes and other types of cosmetics are available in the Item Shop now. The John Wick skin will run you 2,000 V-Bucks while the Sofia skin goes for 1,500 V-Bucks. The rest of the cosmetics go down in price from there.

Fortnite's addition of John Wick several seasons ago came as an interesting crossover seeing how the game already had a John Wick skin of sorts. The original Fortnite version of the assassin was just a knock-off though and was later replaced by the original. The trailer welcoming John Wick to the battle royale played up that comparison by seeing the two characters face off against one another.

John Wick also came to Fortnite with a game mode called "Wick's Bounty." That limited-time mode tasked players with eliminating targets to claim their Gold Tokens in order to ferry a squad towards the required amount of Gold Tokens necessary to win a match.

Fortnite's skins rotate frequently and never stick around for long, so be sure to get the John Wick skin and any others from the collection while they're here if you want them.