Fortnite Brings Back John Wick Game Mode for Limited Time

Fortnite has brought back what’s regarded as one of its best limited-time game modes for a short while now that Wick’s Bounty has returned as part of the holiday festivities. Multiple game modes have been returning for set amounts of time during the holiday break, and Epic Games announced on Friday that the Wick’s Bounty mode that was introduced back in May has returned. The game mode revolves around eliminating opponents and collecting tokens in a race to see who can acquire the winning amount first.

This mode is being brought back as part of the Winterfest event which began on December 18th and will continue until January 2nd. Wick’s Bounty was always going to be part of the holiday plans since it was one of the first modes teased to make a return, but it won’t be sticking around forever. Epic Games didn’t say in its announcement when the mode would be removed, so if you’ve been waiting on it to come back, now’s your chance to get in as many games as possible.

“Every player begins with several gold tokens,” Epic Games said about the mode when it was first announced. “Eliminating an enemy player pays out all of the tokens the target was carrying. The first squad to reach the specified gold token count wins the match.”

The finer details of the mode can be seen below assuming Epic Games hasn’t adjusted anything since the last time the game mode was available.

Wick’s Bounty

  • Limited respawning: Each player has three lives.
  • The more tokens a player is carrying, the more visible on the map they will be when moving or shooting.
  • The top 3 token leaders will have their location shown on the map & compass at all times

With the game mode making a return, now is also the chance to get the John Wick Set from the item shop if you never got to get it the first time. Like the game mode, there’s no telling when this one will be back after it’s removed.

Fortnite’s Winterfest event will continue until January 2nd.