Fortnite Leak Reveals One of 2023's First Major Crossovers

Fortnite's new cinematics for Chapter 4 Season 1 teased plenty of crossovers to come, but for several of those, we don't have dates yet for when they'll arrive let alone timeframes more narrowed than some point during the season. However, a new report may have just leaked one of the game's first big crossovers planned for 2023. According to these recent reports, Fortnite will welcome Dead Space to the battle royale game in some capacity.

News of the supposed Fortnite x Dead Space collaboration comes from Insider Gaming which said that the crossover between the two games is scheduled to happen at some point before the Dead Space Remake releases. Given that the remake is scheduled to release on January 27th, this crossover will have to happen at some point early in the new year if it is indeed planned.

It wasn't said what sorts of cosmetics this crossover would add, but one would imagine that an exosuit skin would be added. Whether or not it'd be named after the Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke is unknown, but the Dead Space suit and particularly its helmet is the most defining part of the Dead Space imagery, so it makes sense that whatever is included would consist of that at a minimum. Necromorphs are particularly gnarly and probably wouldn't fit well in Dead Space, so it's unlikely we'll see anything related to them in this supposed crossover.

Despite this leak projecting an early 2023 release date for the Dead Space content in Fortnite, it's possible another crossover might beat it so that Dead Space's technically isn't the first major collab. We know from the previews of Fortnite's current season, for example, that there are plans for a Mr. Beast crossover as well as one with My Hero Academia, but when those will happen isn't known yet.

As for the Dead Space Remake itself, we went hands-on with the game recently and came away quite impressed by its ability to retain the signature creepiness of the original game. It'll be out on January 27th to give everyone their own opportunity to check out the reimagined horror experience.