Fortnite Leak Reveals New Scarlet Witch Skin

It seems that a skin based on the Scarlet Witch will be coming to Fortnite sometime in the near future. Given the fact that the character is set to play an integral role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems like a safe bet that the skin could be released sometime later in the week. A pair of images based on her appearance in that specific movie were shared on Twitter by reliable Fortnite leaker @HYPEX. Neither skin shows Wanda's face, but the pictures should give fans a very good idea how the character will look. 

The Tweets from @HYPEX containing these images can be found embedded below. 

At this time, it's unclear if Epic Games will offer multiple designs for the character, or if this will be the only one made available. There are plenty of other great costumes the game could incorporate, including a skin based on George Perez's '90s redesign, or a look meant to evoke her appearance in WandaVision. Speaking of The Vision, there has been no information about whether the synthezoid will also appear in Fortnite, though the game does make a reference to Vision when players use the Dr. Strange skin. Hopefully, that means he won't be far behind! 

Over the last few years, Marvel and Epic Games have formed a close relationship, leading to a plethora of skins based on both the 616 and the MCU. At this point, it's almost amazing that there are major Marvel characters that haven't appeared in Fortnite, but there are still some notable absences. Several skins have been released to tie-in directly with new Marvel TV shows and movies, so Wanda could be appearing in the game very, very soon. For now, fans will just have to wait patiently! 

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