Fortnite Leak Hints at a New Animal Feature

Fortnite got all kinds of different animals in Season 6, a feature that’s persisted into Season [...]

Fortnite got all kinds of different animals in Season 6, a feature that's persisted into Season 7 with different types of creatures sticking around for players to interact with. If recent leaks play out as expected, however, we may see that animal feature expanded on either in the current season or in the next one. Leaks have suggested that Epic Games will give players the opportunity to ride animals, a feature that many players have been requesting for a while now.

Like most Fortnite leaks do, this one came from social media after dataminers were able to peek into the game's files following a recent update to see what the future might hold. Fortnite leaker HYPEX said a "new class" was added to the files as part of the latest update that's supposedly related to riding animals. That feature is still early in development whatever it may be, however, so there's a chance it won't be added to the game anytime soon.

Of course, this isn't the first time that we've heard about rideable animals potentially coming to Fortnite. Similar rumors surfaced years ago whenever an "Antelope" vehicle was discovered in the game's files, but as those who've stuck with the game will know, that didn't lead to rideable animals. Epic Games has done a lot with its creature NPCs since then, however, so it's possible that we might actually be getting the chance to ride these animals in the future.

Rideable animals were something that players were asking for last season whenever the raptors were added to the game. Fast and agile creatures like that seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce the riding mechanic to the game, but it didn't happen, an omission that left many feeling like it was a missed opportunity. Raptors aren't around any longer now that we've moved on to a new season, but things like wolves and boars are still viable options for mounts for players to utilize. It's probably best to avoid getting your hopes up about riding a chicken or a frog or something similar like that.

Fortnite's rideable animals feature may be further away that players will hope, but there's a chance it could be added this season or next.