Fortnite Update Adds Raptors, Improves Crafting

After many reports, rumors, and leaks, raptors have finally come to Fortnite in the latest patch update. Given Chapter 2 - Season 6's theme of "Primal" and the mysterious eggs located around the map since its launch, it seemed to be only a matter of time until dinosaurs roamed the map. And now that day is upon us! Best of all? They can be tamed like other critters that wander the island.

In addition to adding raptors to the island, the new update also adjusted and improved crafting. Starting today, for example, Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts should be more plentiful. This should make the Makeshift weapons that players can upgrade more prominent with more materials overall available.

As noted above, Fortnite is now in Chapter 2 - Season 6. The game itself is currently available on most major platforms, but the iOS version, specifically, has hit a snag after Epic Games intentionally set off a chain of events that caused it to be removed from the App Store. The legal fight over that decision is ongoing, but the short version is: nobody's playing Chapter 2 - Season 6 on an iPhone right now. Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6 is currently ongoing on the other platforms, however. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Fortnite right here.


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