Fortnite's Rift Closing, Leak Hints at New Event on the Horizon

The rifts that closed out Fortnite Season 4 and rung in Season 5 were arguably one of the coolest [...]

The rifts that closed out Fortnite Season 4 and rung in Season 5 were arguably one of the coolest things to happen to the online game since launch. With events affecting both the game and players in real life, it was a monumental occasion to say the least. But just because Season 5 is in full swing doesn't mean the business with this mysterious phenomenon is over. Apparently, far from it.

Players have been taking to the Reddit forums with a pretty interesting observation: The giant rift in the sky seems to be disappearing! Epic Games deployed a tiny update this weekend but it may have had a bigger impact that any of us realized. Of course with evidence that the rift is disappearing, the dataminers have come out in full force to see what exactly this means for the game. After all, Epic isn't known for doing anything without a bigger reason.

According to one leak, the rift is determined to disappear on August 21st. We've even got a picture of what it will allegedly look like before it's gone from our hearts, and our game, forever:

One user did bring up a good point though about the Portals. The Portals were a result of the big rift in the sky and they are vital to the weekly Battle Pass challenges. It will be interesting to see how the disappearance affects aspects like that in the game, but for now - we can just speculate.

Of course nothing has been officially announced by the dev team over at Epic Games, as per usual. They love to watch the world burn as their fans try to figure out the puzzle themselves before the big reveal. Still, since we are only half-way through Season 5, this boasts well for that grand finale!

What do you think the big event will be? Or will it be a quite closure and farewell? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below with your best theories!