Fortnite Server Issues Prompt Immediate Disabling of Stats

Fortnite just dropped a major update recently for their popular Battle Royale and Save the World [...]


Fortnite just dropped a major update recently for their popular Battle Royale and Save the World modes. With such a massive overhaul to the game, including a new Easter event, it's understandable that a few issues would occur.

Epic Games took to their Twitter account to let players know that they are aware of the reported degrade performance and that they are actively investigating the issue. Unfortunately, that also means temporarily disabling stats:

According to the Fortnite status page, here is what's affected:

  • Website and Forums - Operational
  • Game Services - Degraded Performance
  • Login - Degraded Performance
  • Parties, Friends, and Messaging - Operational
  • Voice Chat - Operational
  • Matchmaking - Degraded Performance
  • Stats and Leaderboards - Degraded performance

The team was having a rough go of it last night with players not being able to get into the game as well. Even following the response from the developer team, many were still providing feedback that they weren't able to get in. Some are sharing crashing experiences, while others are saying the option for entry isn't even there. At least Epic is aware of the issue and seems to be well on their way for a swift resolution. In the meantime, check out the latest (huge) patch here to see what's new in the game.

The good news is that Epic Games is on it and we will keep you up to date when the status changes. In the meantime,

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For those that currently have the Prime membership, here's what you may have already picked up:

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In addition to the items already available, Epic Games and Twitch just added the Instigator Pickaxe, which will be available this Thursday. If you've already scooped up the above items, the pickaxe will automatically show up if your inventory when they go live.