Fortnite Players React to Incredible Missile Launch

fortnite reacts

There she goes! The Fortnite missile launch event has come and gone but not without leaving a lasting impression on players worldwide! The servers were full and the internet was hyped as Epic Games continues to show their fans that they know how to party and give Battle Royale connesiuers an experience they'll remember. It was also a phenomenal way to see the community come together and for those that didn't snipe us while getting our own footage, we thank you.

We weren't alone in our excitement from what happened! After the initial blast, many were reporting portals opening up across the sky, shooting out projectiles, finally to settle on what seems to be a permanent scar looming ominously over the map! We've got some footage below, with even more here, but here are some of our favourite reactions because ... we can't keep this excitement to ourselves!

The sense of community was REAL and really is a testament to the power of video games! With Fortnite smashing records left and right and continuing to pave the way for accessibility, we don't see this powerhouse dying out anytime soon!


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