'Fortnite' Is Nerfing the Baller in Future Update

Fortnite’s newest patch fixed a problem players had been experiencing with The Baller, the game’s newest vehicle, but an upcoming update will nerf the new feature by taking a look at its late-game power. Instead of keeping players totally safe from all incoming damage so that they can roll around in it unharmed, the new balance adjustments planned for the v8.30 update will make it so that players can shoot through the glass to damage the vehicle’s driver.

The newest vehicle that was added not long ago has been received fairly well aside from some bugs that resulted in the Baller being disabled for a while, but its late-game power has been a subject of discussion within the community. It wasn’t uncommon in Fortnite matches to see the end of the games filled with several players riding around in Ballers which gave them protection as well as a considerable amount of mobility to reposition away from any danger.

It’s for that reason that the next update will give players who aren’t in a Baller a way to counter the vehicle whether they’re in the late-game stage or not. With the release of v8.30, the changes below will be in effect, according to the patch notes for Wednesday’s update:

Future Baller Iterations

  • We’ve noticed a lot of discussion around the Baller, so here’s an update!
  • We’re not satisfied with the current use of Ballers, specifically in the late game. With the v8.30 update, we will release a change that will allow players to shoot through the glass of The Baller.
    • Non-glass parts will still have collision and block damage from bullets.

Ballers already weren’t too sturdy to begin with, a trade-off for the vehicle’s mobility, though the update seems like a fair one since it won’t allow player to shoot through the Baller regardless of where their shots land. Well-placed attacks will penetrate the Baller and end a player quicker in the v8.30 update, but everything will still damage the vehicle to get players out of it sooner.

The changes for the Baller are scheduled to go into effect in the v8.30 update assuming Epic Games doesn’t change those plans.



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