Fortnite's Orelia NPC Gives Players a New Lara Croft Skin

Fortnite added Orelia in the game’s latest update, though not in the way players might’ve [...]

Fortnite added Orelia in the game's latest update, though not in the way players might've expected. Instead of being available as a skin right now, the female counterpart to Season 2's Oro has been added as an NPC who resides on an island which appeared in the same update. Orelia has a unique weapon players can receive from the character one way or another, and she also has the unique power to grant players a special Lara Croft skin if certain requirements are met.

The new Orelia character was introduced to players in a post on the Epic Games site at the same time she was added to the game. For those who don't recall Oro, Epic Games refreshed players' memories before hinting at where Orelia can be found. Her location, an island off the southwest coast of the map just beneath Flush Factory, was also hinted at.

"Rumors say Orelia doesn't reside on the mainland — word has it that an ancient structure mysteriously rose from the ocean in the south, with a gleaming monarch offering help in exchange for a tribute of Bars," Epic Games said. "Word also has it that not everyone who's sought her help has returned."

More interestingly than a trade for an assault rifle, the post hinted that players should try visiting her wearing more than one skin because "she may have one more bestowal in store." That extra gift is apparently a Lara Croft skin, a gold variant of the one already available in Fortnite.

To receive that skin, you have to visit the island wearing the Lara Croft skin you'd gotten previously. It apparently doesn't matter if you get the assault rifle through trading Bars or through taking it by force, but so long as you get the rifle while you're playing as Lara Croft, you'll get the golden skin style once the match concludes.

Orelia doesn't appear to be too difficult to fight judging from the community sentiment emerging after the update, but you'll naturally have to complete with other players as well who are all trying to accomplish the same task that you are.

This Orelia character may be added as a skin herself at some point, but for now, pay her a visit to get a different cosmetic along with the rare assault rifle.