Fortnite Player Remakes Iconic GTA 5 Location Using Creative 2.0

A Fortnite player has remade one of the most iconic locations from Grand Theft Auto V using the new Creative 2.0 update. Both Fortnite and GTA 5 are two of the biggest games in the world, though they both have their own unique reasons. Fortnite is obviously free and appeals to all ages, but has also leveraged a lot of lucrative IP for crossover content and has a wealth of unique, fun content. Grand Theft Auto V, on the other hand, is a decade old but is still going strong thanks to a well-supported online mode that continues to draw new players in and incentivize veterans to return. 

With that said, one Fortnite player and devoted Rockstar Games fan, Videotech_ on Twitter, decided to make worlds collide with the new Creative 2.0 update. The new Creative 2.0 update in Fortnite really pushes the envelope for creativity within the game's creative mode and allows fans to make a lot of really exciting things with an immense level of detail. Shortly after its release, Videotech_ took to the game to make Michael's house from Grand Theft Auto V within Fortnite. The level of detail is truly astonishing and the exterior is exactly as you'd hope. The creator noted that he still had to finish the interior, which may be challenging given how many smaller details are featured inside Michael's home. Videotech_ noted it was also quite a hassle to do the outside and would love to publish it for everyone to enjoy, but fears legal repercussions from Take-Two Interactive if it was made playable for all. 

Nevertheless, it's an extremely cool creation and one that proves the possibilities of Fortnite's new tools. If someone can make this in just a matter of hours, imagine what some people could do in weeks, months, or even years. It'll be a while before we really get to see the full extent of the mode in the hands of fans, but it'll be exciting to watch it all develop.

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