Fortnite's Creative 2.0 Update Is Putting Call of Duty to Shame

Fortnite is blowing people's minds with its new Creative 2.0 update, even going as far to rival Call of Duty in some ways. It's hard to say anyone ever expected to be what it is now, especially given it started as a tower defense game that didn't really find a huge audience. However, once Epic Games pivoted to a battle royale game, things took off. Fortnite became a juggernaut as it began to secure huge crossovers with major film and gaming franchises, allowing for this cool virtual toy box. Things continued to expand with the Creative mode, which allowed players to make whatever they wanted using tools created by Epic Games.

Now, Epic Games has released a new update to Fortnite called Creative 2.0 which is honestly just absurd. It's incredibly well-made and allows players to create things with far more detail and depth, essentially allowing you to make your own games. To get people started, Epic Games has released its own content that demonstrates the possibilities and one of the maps/modes that's blowing people away is a typical PvP shooter mode that's set on a mode that appears to be inspired by Rust from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The entire situation has many wondering if Call of Duty can even compete with Fortnite at this point and while they are very different games, the possibilities that Creative mode is proposing could mean people could create something that directly rivals Call of Duty.

We already saw this recently with a Roblox game mode made by fans which had Call of Duty fans foaming at the mouth. If Call of Duty players are already eyeing Fortnite just a single day into this new update, before any die hard fans have really had a chance to blow people away with the possibilities, the Call of Duty franchise will definitely begin to feel some pressure. Fans have been pretty unhappy with how content is being rolled out recently and are concerned about the franchise's future, so Fortnite may be a worthy replacement.

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