Fortnite Adds Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine Skins From Resident Evil

After rumors began swirling in recent weeks, Fortnite has today officially added two new skins to the game from Capcom's beloved Resident Evil franchise. The two skins in question are based on Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, who are arguably the two most popular characters in the history of the series. And while the addition of Valentine and Redfield to Fortnite is surely exciting enough on its own, Epic Games has really gone all out for this new release in a number of different ways. 

As a whole, these new Redfield and Valentine skins in Fortnite are part of the larger S.T.A.R.S Team Set. In total, two skins for Redfield and Valentine come in this bundle. The first skin is modeled after the look that each character boasts in the original Resident Evil game. Redfield's second skin then matches his appearance seen in Resident Evil Village. Conversely, Valentine's second look is meant to resemble how she appears in the remake of Resident Evil 3

Outside of their skins, there are a number of other accessories that have been added to Fortnite that are based on some iconic items from the Resident Evil series. For starters, Green Herb, Blue Herd, and Red Herb pieces of back bling are available, to go along with another piece which is modeled after the typewriter. Two unique pickaxes are then also available, one which resembles an anti-zombie machete, and another which is essentially a stun baton. Lastly, an emote that features the iconic Umbrella Corporation logo emblazoned on an actual umbrella is also available in this set. 

As a whole, all of these skins and gear are being sold within two separate bundles in the Fortnite Item Shop. One of these bundles will give you access to all of the skins, while the second one will feature all of the aforementioned smaller items. No matter what you might opt to pick up, if you're a Resident Evil fan, it's no doubt very cool that Capcom and Fortnite have been able to collaborate with one another in this manner.