'Fortnite' Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day With a Rainbow

Fortnite and Epic Games have gotten in the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit with new skins and other [...]

Fortnite and Epic Games have gotten in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit with new skins and other cosmetics that feature four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, and other related gear like Leprechaun hats. While those items are available in the store to purchase and add to players' lockers, people have also noticed that there are some free Saint Patrick's Day festivities in the map now in the form of a rainbow that's spreading across the map's sky.

Skins and other related content are fine for those with V-Bucks to spend, but for anyone who's just playing a few casual games on Saint Patrick's Day, you might've looked up and noticed the map looks a bit different in certain areas. Stretching across the sky is a big rainbow that can be seen pretty easily by just glancing upwards considering how noticeable it is. Even if you're not planning anything big for Saint Patrick's Day, Fortnite's got you covered.

Epic Games recently released outfits, emotes, pickaxes, and other gear into the game's rotating Item Shop, some of those options tied directly to the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations. The Lucky Wrap, Lucky Coins Back Bling, Pot o' Gold Pickaxe, and Raining Doubloons emote were just a few of the items that were made available to purchase, and the Sgt. Green Clover skin that was released last year also made a return. All of those items can be seen here and are available now in the game's store.

Any player who's looking up at the rainbow will want to be careful doing so if they're piloting one of Fortnite's new vehicles though. The Baller was added to Fortnite recently and gave players a new way to get around the map, but it's been found that there's a bug affecting fall damage and how it's applied to players within the ball. This means if you're trying to launch yourself up closer to the rainbow and hop out of The Baller once you're done, you might be unexpectedly eliminated. Players have also been paying attention to another vehicle on the map as a helicopter moves around, though this isn't one that people can pilot.