'Fortnite' Eon Bundle Owners Will Get 'Save the World' For Free Following Backlash

Following the recent backlash of Eon Bundle owners stating that the 'Full game download' [...]

Following the recent backlash of Eon Bundle owners stating that the "Full game download" advertisement for the Fortnite grab was false advertising since it didn't include the Save the World mode, Epic Games has addressed the unclear marketing and are working to make it right.

For those that may not know, Save the World was the original game mode for Fortnite before the studio added in the free-to-play Battle Royale mode. It's also the only part of the game that requires money - outside of the voluntary cosmetic options and the Battle Pass.

When the Eon bundle was first announced for the Xbox One S, it was advertised as the "full" game for free. Since Save the World came first, naturally many assumed that this meant both versions of the game. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case though it looks like Epic Games is ready to set that error right.

Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle Update from r/FortNiteBR

The studio took to Reddit to share the above message, including mentioning how they were going to handle Eon bundle owners. In the post, they mentioned "We are going to begin identifying players who have claimed the Eon Bundle and will be granting their accounts access to Save the World. We will also make sure that all future players who claim the Eon Bundle will be granted access to Save the World moving forward."

They then added to the original message saying that as soon as the office re-opens following the holiday break, those retroactive entitlements will begin rolling out for Eon bundle purchasers.

Luckily, this seemed to be the right move as the comment section was filled with players thanking the studio for making this move. It was definitely smart on their part, but not something many developers would rectify. Once again, this is Epic Games showing how attentive they are to their player base and how willing they are to listen.

As for the Battle Royale mode, that part of the Fortnite experience is available for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and select mobile devices.