'Fortnite' Is Adding a Sneaky Snowman Item

One of Fortnite’s newest items to be released soon is the Sneaky Snowman, an item which appears [...]

Fortnite Sneaky Snowman
(Photo: Reddit)

One of Fortnite's newest items to be released soon is the Sneaky Snowman, an item which appears to operate much like a Bush does.

Appearing in the game's news feature which alerts players of incoming content and other updates, the Sneaky Snowman was confirmed to be coming soon with its description reading "A portable Snowman disguise." From the looks of it, players will be able to turn themselves into a snowman when using the item so that they'll remain mostly hidden from the view of their enemies.

The Bush doesn't get much use in Fortnite since it still makes players stand out despite disguising them in shrubbery with players being especially noticeable once they start shooting out of it. But with the addition of the new Sneaky Snowman item, perhaps Epic Games has found a way to reinvent the Bush and turn it into a more useful tool. It'll certainly blend in better with map's environment now that everything's covered in snow once again, so it might just see more use there.

That also begs the question though of what will happen to the Bush. The camo-granting shrub is a Legendary item in Fortnite and is still seldom used, so with the release of the Sneaky Snowman item, it seems the Bush might be in danger of being Vaulted unless Epic Games designed the former in such a way that both can coexist in Fortnite.

While the new Fortnite item is expected to release soon in an upcoming content update, it's release wasn't totally unexpected after files related to the item were found that revealed what it would sound like. It was known to be a consumable item and the sounds referenced actions like picking it up as well as it rustling around, presumably when it's worn and a player is moving, so its reveal was spoiled for those who keep up with these leaks.

The new Sneaky Snowman item should release in the v7.20 Content Update that's thought to release sometime this week. Fortnite players may be able to use it to take cover from the zombies that now roam the map, but even if they can't getting rid of the zombies is easy enough so long as you have one specific item.