Fortnite: How to Get the Star Wars Tie Whisper Glider for Free

Last night during The Game Awards, Epic Games revealed that it will be giving away a free Fortnite x Star Wars item this weekend. More specifically, Epic Games has revealed that during Saturday's special Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in-game event, it will be giving away to players a free Tie Whisper Glider to add to their collection and use when leaping from the Party Bus. That said, you probably clicked on this wondering how to get it, well don't worry, below we will explain just that.

So, Epic Games will be awarding the Tie Whisper Glider to any player who is in-game and participating in the aforementioned live event on Saturday, which is set to take place on December 14 at 2 p.m. EST. During this event, a new look at the Star Was: Rise of Skywalker movie will be shown off at Risky Reels, which Epic Games has been slowly but surely preparing for the occasion. And that's it, if you're in the game during the event, you will get the Tie Whisper Glider once it concludes.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear whether the Glider will be made available for purchase. That said, it likely won't. So, if you want it, be sure to be playing the game when the event goes down.

For those that don't know: in the new Star Wars movies, Kylo Ren has a Tie Whisper specially modified to his liking. He uses it during the war with the Resistance, and also notably used it to confront Rey on Pasaana.


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