Fortnite Streamer Ninja Breaks Win Streak Record on PC (UPDATE)

Update: Reddit user Miniding posted evidence that Ninja did not break the win streak record and [...]


Update: Reddit user Miniding posted evidence that Ninja did not break the win streak record and claimed to be the actual record holder with 25 wins in a row. Ninja responded to the claim with doubts due to a lack of video evidence.

Original Story:

Streamer Ninja has been taking the Fortnite world by storm! After it was revealed how much he makes for simply streaming the popular battle royale game, and then played a few rounds with rapper Drake, this kid is not showing any signs of slowing down in the near future? And why should he? He's doing so well! Well enough that he just broke a new kind of a record: the coveted win streak.

Ninja is not stranger to setting records, he recently broke the record for number of Twitch followers, but now he has a new title to claim: best win streak on PC. The Fortnite connoisseur just nabbed himself an impressive twenty wins in a row victory streak and it definitely wasn't an easy ride either! You can check out some of his stream below and man ... the kid has got skill. There were quite a few times we thought he was going to bite the dust but he managed to prevail each time. Now we're just wondering what record he'll break next ...

It's very clear that Ninja isn't just another streamer, his skill and passion for the game is very clear and that's what makes him enjoyable to watch. He's incredibly charismatic and interactive with his viewers, we're not mad at watching his success unfold. We hope to see even more incredible feats from the gamer in the future, which we are sure we will! For now, we applaud his recent win streak and look forward to what he's got next in the line-up.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with the iOS mobile version currently in invite-only beta access phase.

In other Fortnite news, did you know that the friendly fire removal from the Battle Royale portion was meant to only be a temporary test? You can read the reasoning behind the move directly from Epic themselves in our previous coverage right here, with a short blurb below:

In an effort to control the amount of negative behavior a little bit in-game, the feature was left out of the shooter, "One of the good things that I've been a proponent of and that's kind of been picked up is looking to game design as a solution to this rather than just reporting [players]. We turned off friendly fire and then the friendly fire toxicity problem goes away. 100 percent solved, there is no problem. That's solving it by design."