'Fortnite' Temporarily Disables Cube Monsters for TwitchCon

With TwitchCon in full swing, Epic Games is reportedly removing the Cube Monsters that went live with Fortnitemares for a limited time while the Fall Skirmish esports event goes on during the convention.

According to DoteSports, both the Cube Monsters and the Spawns will both be taken out while the TwitchCon version of the game will always remove the Port-a-Fort, Port-a-Fortress, and the Shockwave Grenade as well. These items will still be available for the Battle Royale game's main servers, but those looking to play at TwitchCon will have a much different experience.

According to esports journalist Rod Breslau over on Twitter, "Due to the response from the community, Epic has just emailed TwitchCon Fortnite Fall Skirmish competitors that visibility has been improved and cube monsters, spawners, port a fort, and shockwave grendes will be disabled the tournament. Good work Epic."

He then added the email the company sent around prior to the event with the caption, "But, Epic's emailed statement shows their true intent: "It's important to note that we consider Fortnite a dynamic, evolving game that is not restriction by competition. We feel that a player's ability to adapt is a skill set we wish to highlight for an entertaining product."":

The responding thread definitely had two opposing thoughts on the move, wondering if the change really is unfair or not:


As for TwitchCon, the event is now live from now until October 29 in San Jose, California. What do you think about the changes made for this event? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you think about Epic's move.