Fortnite Comments on People Not Being Able to Watch the Doomsday Device Event

Fortnite captured fans' attention in a pretty specific way on Monday, with the debut of their [...]

Fortnite captured fans' attention in a pretty specific way on Monday, with the debut of their in-game Doomsday Device event. The sequence of events, which had been teased multiple times in the days prior, would see the malicious Midas activate his mysterious device -- and seemingly shake up the entire game as we know it. While fans definitely got to check out the event, many fans expressed frustration at not being able to experience the event in-game, and having to resort to third-party live streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. In a new series of tweets, Epic Games acknowledged fans' frustration -- while also offering some impressive numbers in the process. In a new series of tweets, Fortnite revealed that over 12 million players were in-game during the event, with another 8.4 million watching on live streams.

The platform also confirmed that they are "improving systems" to allow more fans to be able to experience in-game events, and teased that The Device tees up the launch of Chapter Two, Season 3 later this week.

The event saw Midas activating some sort of device from inside of The Agency's building, as well as the five portholes in the surrounding water rising up into towers. Then, this activated an explosion that destroyed a good chunk of The Agency, before players were lifted into the air and into an all-white screen. Multiple times, they were briefly sent into a first-person simulation of a boring office, where Jonesy can be heard discussing the map's storm, while also expressing surprise that the player can "hear him". Then, players were sent back onto the Battle Bus and to a new map, where "the storm" had been replaced by an ominous giant wall of water.

The reveal was certainly surprising, and corroborates other leaks and rumors that suggested a more water-based map in Season 3. A few sporadic teases from Epic Games on Monday have certainly backed that up, even teasing an Aquaman skin.

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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