Fortnite's Travis Scott Concert Event Brought in Record-Breaking Number of Players

Epic Games managed to break yet another Fortnite record this week with its Travis Scott event [...]

Epic Games managed to break yet another Fortnite record this week with its Travis Scott event where players tuned in for the debut show of the in-game Astronomical tour. It topped the previous record of around 10.7 million Fortnite players being in the game at one time by attracting over 12.3 million players on Thursday during the first show. It's an impressive number for a game to reach and one that few games could potentially manage during events like this one, and since the event is scheduled to continue throughout the week, we can likely expect the total number of participants to be much higher when it's all over.

The staggering Fortnite achievement was touted by the game's official Twitter account when Epic Games shared one of the figures pertaining to the concert event. The Fortnite developer told players how many people had joined in an encouraged everyone to show up for an encore show before the "tour" ends.

For those who missed the first event and can't be bothered to tune into one of the later ones, you can see everything that went down during the concert from the numerous videos which have been shared online since it took place. It was a much more cinematic experience compared to the Marshmellow concert that took place in February 2019 to the point that a stage really wasn't needed, but the result was something players never could have anticipated happening.

Speaking of that Marshmello concert, that one was the first in-game concert of its kind and the previous record-holder for most concurrent Fortnite players. End-of-season events attracted their own impressive number of players, but the concerts seem to outdo them easily. Considering how many players have tuned into these events over others, it's likely we can expect more of them in the future.

If you do want to tune into another event, you can check the schedule to see when the rest of the shows are happening. They're assigned to different times to help out players across various regions, but they're not region-locked, so you can tune into a show whenever you want. The doors always open 30 minutes prior to the show actually happening, so be sure to get in there early so you can get a good spot.