Fortnite: How to Watch Travis Scott's Astronomical Event

Fortnite's next big concert is scheduled to start soon with Travis Scott's Astronomical event already underway in some form which means players will need to know how and when to watch the event so that they don't miss it. Like other Fortnite events, this one's been assigned certain times which means you'll have to watch it on YouTube or elsewhere if you miss all the occasions, but thankfully for those with tight schedules, there are multiple events and encore shows to visit. Epic Games already helped players out by sharing a list of times for the shows, and with that and our guide for how to watch, you'll be sure to have a front-row spot.

The most important part of the event right now is hopping into the game at the right time so that you don't miss the concert assigned to your region. Thankfully, the regional events aren't locked to just those areas which means players can tune in for an encore show if they want to see it again after the first one takes place.

Speaking of that first concert event, you can expect it to happen on Thursday at 7 p.m. EDT. The full schedule for the concert events can be found below:

Fortnite's Travis Scott Astronomical Schedule

  • 4/23 - The Americas - 7PM EDT
  • 4/24 - EU & ME - 10AM EDT
  • 4/25 - Asia & Oceania - 12AM EDT
  • 4/25 - EU & ME - 11AM EDT
  • 4/25 - The Americas - 6PM EDT

Though those are the times that the show takes place, you can get to the event 30 minutes prior to the assigned time to make sure you're in a good spot to watch everything unfold. It's going to be packed – though perhaps not quite as packed as the Marshmello concert since the dates are staggered – so players will want to get in as soon as possible.

To find the venue which you may have already noticed when completing the Travis Scott challenges, head north of Sweaty Sands. Expect to see that area filled with players in front of the stage and on the water in boats as they watch the event.

If this event is handled how past events were, players can probably expect the concert event to have its own "game mode" where players can hop in and watch. This means you won't have to worry about someone killing you during the best part of the show, so everyone can watch in peace.