Fortnite Getting Unreal Editor Mode Soon, New Custom Creations on the Way

Fortnite's Creative players are about to have another powerful tool at their disposal with Epic Games announcing this week plans to release Unreal Editor for Fortnite. This new Fortnite app is one that grants users a vast suite of Unreal Engine 5 tools to be used in the creation of "games and experiences for Fortnite" that others will be able to enjoy. This new tool will launch on March 22nd, Epic Games said, and will be open first in a beta form to all of Fortnite's content creators who want to try it out, though it'll only be available on the PC platform.

Epic Games hyped up the new Unreal Editor app this week with a brief teaser trailer that teased what's to come. A page for the Unreal Editor is live now in the Epic Games Store where it exists as a free download that only requires people to already have Fortnite installed in order to use it.

"Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is a new PC application for designing, developing, and publishing games and experiences directly into Fortnite," an overview of this new tool said. "With many of Unreal Engine 5's powerful tools and workflows at your fingertips, including custom asset import, modeling, materials and VFX, Sequencer and Control Rig, you'll have a whole new world of options for producing and publishing games and experiences for Fortnite that can be enjoyed by millions of players."

So, how's this different from the game's Creative mode where players can already build custom experiences for others to try out? In Fortnite's Creative mode, players are limited to building their creations from the perspective of a controlled character. This Unreal Editor, by comparison, grants players "a range of tools and workflows" more similar to what Epic Games uses to build Fortnite itself. Importing meshes and other assets, creating VFX and animations, and the use of modeling tools are just a few highlights offered by Unreal Editor.

This tool will be available starting on March 22nd, so look for some pretty impressive creations to start rolling out in the coming weeks after Unreal Editor is available.