Epic Games Store Free Games to Continue Through 2023

Epic Games has confirmed that it will be continuing its weekly free game promotion through the end of 2023. Since the Epic storefront launched a few years back, one of the key features of the marketplace has been routinely handing out free titles on a weekly basis. And while fans have often wondered if this aspect of the Epic Games Store would end up going away, Epic itself has now made clear that such a move won't be happening this year. 

In a recent blog post on the Epic Games website, Epic looked back on its PC storefront over the past year and outlined what it has in store for 2023. As a whole, many of Epic's points of focus for the remainder of the year emphasized improvements and new additions that will be made to EGS itself. Beyond this, though, it was also made clear that free titles are going to continue coming on a regular basis. 

"Last, but not least, we're also excited to confirm that our weekly Free Games Program will continue in 2023!" Epic said outright in its write-up. Further details on some of the new games that might be coming to the Epic Store weren't given alongside this confirmation. For now, though, the latest title that is available to snag is Call of the Sea, which is an award-winning adventure game. 

All in all, this isn't a huge shock to see Epic state that it won't be doing away with its free games service. Not only has this feature become one of the core pillars of the EGS, but it's also perhaps the best way that Epic can continue trying to pull more users away from Steam and into its own PC ecosystem. Perhaps one day Epic will no longer give out free games, but at least for 2023, this isn't in the cards. 

Are you glad to hear that the Epic Games Store is going to continue doling out free games for the foreseeable future? And do you think that this promotion is one that Epic would ever look to end completely? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12