Fortnite Weapon Customization Concept Has Us Praying it Will Come to the Actual Game

Weapon customization is a feature that is common and popular in modern multiplayer games. That said, oddly enough it isn't in the most popular multiplayer game in the world right now, Fortnite: Battle Royale. In its absence many fans have begged Epic Games for an answer whether or not such a feature will ever be implemented, and at the moment, it's unclear if it ever will.

However, that didn't stop one Fortnite player from getting a little creative, and imagining a world where weapon customization does exist in the game.

Graphichunters is a Reddit user with an apparent talent for graphic design. And what did they use this talent for? The betterment of Fortnite, of course.

Earlier today, Graphichunters posted the following tantalizing image on Reddit:

(Photo: graphichunters)

As you can see, the image features the Scar with a golden camo design, as well as options for a variety of other customization inputs. And apparently Graphichunters isn't the only one interested in the prospect of weapon customization coming to the game, as the post shot up the Fortnite subreddit with over 10,000 up-votes and 738 comments.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day this is only a concept. But, fortunately, Epic Games has proven that it is constantly listening to the game's community feedback and ideas. So there's a better than not chance it saw this post, which means they saw just how popular the feature is, and how much demand it has. Now, will this result in anything? Well, only time will tell.


As for how such a feature would be implemented remains to be seem. Because of the nature of the game, and how you're constantly picking up new weapons, adding this might be a little tricky. There's the option of the skin applying to the first person to pick up the weapon that way if you kill someone and pick up their gun you get it with their skin on it (this is done in many other games, such as Call of Duty). Or, each player could just have their own skins for whatever weapon they pick up. Here's to hoping it's the former though.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and is in the process of coming to mobile devices.