Fortnite Leak Reveals Will Smith Skin Release Date

Earlier this month, a new Fortnite leak came about that suggested Will Smith would soon be making his way into the ever-popular battle royale title. And while Epic Games still hasn't confirmed Smith's inclusion in any capacity as of this writing, it sounds as though it won't be long until the developer formally adds the famed actor and musician into the game.

According to notable Fortnite leaker Hypex, Smith's addition as a skin in the game is set to come about at some point this weekend. Hypex specifically stated on social media recently that he expects Epic Games to release the new skin either tomorrow on August 28th, or the following day on the 29th. If they had to choose between the two, though, Hypex said that a launch on the 28th is far more likely to transpire.

It's worth stressing that this skin technically isn't of Will Smith himself, but is instead meant to represent one of the most popular characters he has portrayed on the big screen. Specifically, that character happens to be Mike Lowrey from the Bad Boys film series. Still, even though this skin in-game won't be titled "Will Smith", it clearly features the actor's same resemblance.

Whenever this new Will Smith skin does come to Fortnite, it should immediately become available for purchase across all platforms. If you'd like to stay in the loop when it comes to the formal announcement of this upcoming skin does come about, be sure to stay tuned to our ongoing coverage here on

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