Fortnite is Now the Biggest Game on YouTube, Passing Minecraft

Fortnite has conquered Twitch, the classroom, and now it has conquered YouTube. According to "influencer marketing platform" Matchmade, Fortnite has surpassed Minecraft to become the most-viewed game on YouTube.

Minecraft, which is far from its peak days, was more specifically passed last month when Fortnite broke pass 2.4 billion views for the month, a number it looks poised to push higher this month.

Interestingly, while Minecraft is still giving Fortnite a fight for its money, the battle-royale game's other competitors are a mere dot in Epic Games rear-view mirror. The arrival of Fortnite on the throne has meant games like Clash Royale – the most popular mobile game on YouTube – have been on a steady decline. Meanwhile, Fortnite's space rival, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has had its YouTube viewership halt as well.

"The pace of Fortnite's growth is astonishing," said Matchmade. "Between January and February, Fortnite's viewership grew a whopping 151 percent, During the past 6 months, The average month-to-month growth rate of Fortnite viewership on YouTube is +97 percent. Content creators are on board, and we've seen the number of Fortnite videos jump from 9945 (Feb 1st) to 12762 (Mar 1st) in just one month—an increase of 28 percent."

(Photo: Matchmade)
(Photo: Matchmade)

Matchmade also noted that Fortnite's growth on YouTube has come down to a few things, such as it is free (well its Battle Royale mode is, which is all anyone cares about). It's also on more platforms than its competition (excluding Minecraft). The game has also infiltrated the mainstream in a manner no game has since Pokemon Go and Minecraft before it. And only the former matched Fortnite's levels of fame, which it wasn't able to sustain for very long. Celebrities are talking about Fortnite; schools are talking about Fortnite; the news is talking about Fortnite; cab drivers, the guy in the elevator, you name it.


As mentioned above, records and being on top is nothing new for Fortnite. It recently set a livestream record of 1.1 million concurrent users, breaking a record it had only set a few weeks prior. It's also the first game Drake has ever streamed -- so there's that too.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and is in the process of coming to mobile devices.