New 'Fortnite' Zombies Are Easily Beaten With a Boom Box

Epic Games' decision to bring zombies back to Fortnite might not have settled well with everyone, but if players aren't looking to fight these creatures but still want to explore the snow-covered map, they'll need to keep a Boom Box or two in their inventories.

Like the zombies, the Boom Box has been a controversial part of Fortnite with the structure-destroying item ranking high among players' lists of items they would see removed from the game. But as some have found already, the Boom Boxes might be the perfect solution to defeating hordes of zombies when they try to overwhelm players.

Fortnite streamer CouRageJD found out how useful the item can be against zombies shortly after the event took place and the creatures spawned through the map. In the video above, the streamer tossed a Boom Box at zombies and saw that it works just like a Monkey Bomb would in a Call of Duty Zombies match. The zombies all crowd around the Boom Box and try to destroy it which leaves them wide open for players to unload on.

Not only does the item distract them, it also destroys the crystals which spawn the creatures. The whole purpose of the Boom Box is to destroy structures and temporarily take away the building element from Fortnite, so it makes sense that the item would also deal damage to the crystal structures. By finding one of these spawn points and tossing a Boom Box near it, players can distract all the zombies around them, destroy the spawn crystal, and rake in some easy loot.

PSA: Boomboxes not only distract the new zombies, but they also do damage to the crystals from r/FortNiteBR

The zombies also serve another purpose in the game now by granting players shield when they fight and defeat them along with the other loot the creatures can drop. It's a big change from the zombies which were first seen during the Fortnitemares event, and with this difference as well as the knowledge that a Boom Box can easily take zombies out of the equation, the reappearance of the enemies might not be as problematic as players first thought it would be.


The zombies first appeared in Fortnite when the Ice Storm brought them back during a live event. That same event also covered the map in snow and brought on a series of new challenges, some of which deal with the zombies.