Friday the 13th: The Game Players Are Unlocking Uber Jason Early

Friday the 13th: The Game players are still using Uber Jason ahead of his official release after [...]

Friday the 13th: The Game players are still using Uber Jason ahead of his official release after the game's most recent update.

The update that brought the new and improved engine along with many other features and gameplay changes was a breath of fresh air for players, but it also appears to have once again made it possible for players to use Uber Jason. This futuristic version of Jason is one that players have been aware of ever since he was discovered in the game's Virtual Cabin mode that hid several surprises, a reveal that's seen in the video below from FrogFucious.

Not long after the reveal of the new Jason, PC players started encountering Uber Jason, called Jason X in the game, in their matches. It appeared that players had found a way to unlock him early and were wreaking havoc with the character, though it appeared that they weren't using the actual character with unique strengths and weaknesses and were instead pasting the Uber Jason skin over another Jason variant. Either way, Gun Media and IllFonic acted against the problem and hotfixed the game so that Uber Jason couldn't be used any longer.

But now that this new update is out, it looks like players are back at it again with Uber Jason. The game's subreddit is full of posts now that the update is out, some of which deal with Uber Jason, specifically regarding whether the developers are planning on fixing the Uber Jason hack that was reintroduced. The patch notes did actually include a line that said "Added countermeasures to several character selection exploits [PC]" which many took as a reference to Uber Jason, but the character continues to be used.

It also appears that this time the Uber Jason being used is the real deal and not just a lookalike. Players posted evidence of the character's unique strengths and weakness that include enhanced Destruction and the inability to run. The stats shared below were also submitted recently to the game's subreddit and can also be seen in-game through this video.

  • (+) Stun Resistance
  • (+) Destruction
  • (+) Grip Strength
  • (-) Can't Run
  • (-) Sense
  • (-) Stalk

An actual release date for Uber Jason hasn't been announced yet, and it looks like he's only playable early on the game's PC version. Gun Media also doesn't appear to have said anything about the new wave of Uber Jasons, though another hotfix could be in the works like last time.