G4 Adds Gina Darling and Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil

G4 is ramping up for its official re-debut and has announced the hires of two more on-air talents to the network. G4 has announced that YouTube personalities Gina Darling and Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil will be joining the gaming network's re-launch this fall. Khalil is best known for his "The Completionist" YouTube channel where he posts videos of him 100% completing various video games every week. Khalil will appear on G4's various gaming content, including X-Play, G4 Esports and various live stream content. Darling is also a YouTube personality as well as a model and actress who has worked with brands like the Discovery Channel and McDonald's. Darling will appear on G4's various pop culture and gaming content and is already making appearances on G4's pre-launch content, as seen below.

G4 is returning to cable after a 7 year hiatus, having originally ended its on-air programming in 2014. During its first run, G4 was one of the first cable networks to really tap into gaming and Internet culture and provided a platform for now well-known names like Olivia Munn, Geoff Keighley, and Kevin Pereira. In 2020, G4 announced that it was returning with a mix of network and live stream content. It has also brought in a mix of old faces and new names like Xavier Woods and Kaseem G. G4 has also confirmed that several classic shows will be returning to the network, such as Attack of the Show and X-Play.

G4 is also tapping into some new areas of content. Earlier this year, G4 announced that it was co-hosting D&D Live, an annual Wizards of the Coast event focusing on Dungeons & Dragons. G4 will also air a D&D show when it officially re-launches in the fall and will also air new content featuring WWE superstars. You can keep up on G4's latest moves by following them on their very active Twitter account.