G4 Announces Kassem G as Newest Host

The long-awaited return of G4 is coming later this year, and the company has announced the latest addition to its talent roster: Kassem "Kassem G" Gharaibeh. Kassem G will be part of G4's on-air talent for its comedy programming, including Attack of the Show. The relaunched network has been making a lot of new talent announcements over the last few months, and Kassem G should be a welcome addition for those that have followed his work on YouTube over the years. Kassem G has won numerous awards for his YouTube comedy, so he should prove to be an exciting addition!

G4 released a video announcing Kassem G's arrival, which can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

For those unfamiliar, Kassem G has been referred to as the "godfather of YouTube comedy." The comedian has had a prolific career on the platform, with 2.39 million subscribers, as of this writing. The comedian was also a co-founder of Maker Studios in 2009, which sold to the Walt Disney Company in 2014. Given the comedian's popularity, he seems like the perfect candidate to join the network, and his addition should make a lot of G4 fans happy.

The return of G4 has been highly anticipated by gamers. The network is set to return this year, on linear and digital channels. Fans can expect to see returning shows and hosts, as well as all-new offerings. In a comment on YouTube, Kassem G revealed that he is a longtime fan of G4, and he hopes "to see and help make new content and shows that reflects how gaming and pop culture has changed over the last decade."

Kassem G is correct that the video game industry has gone through a lot of changes since G4 went off the air. However, gaming has also significantly grown in popularity, which could lead to increased interest in a channel dedicated to the hobby. For now, gamers will just have to wait and see how things play out, but with the level of talent involved in the network's return, things certainly seem off to a promising start!


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