GameFly Gets Sold, Has Plans to Change Subscriptions

GameFly, the subscription service best known for sending out games to its customers through mail so they can try games new and old, has been sold. Alliance Entertainment is now the owner of GameFly, a company that markets itself as a top-tier distributor of music and movies and other forms of entertainment that’ll now include the games GameFly sends out. GameFly apparently also has plans to adjust some of its subscriptions in the next few months following the acquisition. reported on the Alliance Entertainment purchase of GameFly and said Jeff Walker, the CEO and co-owner of the distributor, will how be in those same positions at GameFly. Walker said Alliance Entertainment plans to leverage the company’s experience into GameFly’s existing system to “imagine new offerings.”

“We're intensely focused on listening to what our customers are telling us, and then finding ways to give them what they are asking for," Walker said in a statement. "Alliance is the largest distributor of physical media in the US, and we're using our expertise with GameFly's nearly 20 years of experience in subscription game rentals to imagine new offerings that previously were not doable.”

Though it’s been acquired by Alliance Entertainment, it’s been said that GameFly will still operate independently. Some changes will be made to GameFly’s subscriptions, but what those changes will be hasn’t been said yet. said Alliance also plans to expand GameFly’s offerings by widening the catalog of games available to subscribers and making more accessories and hardware among other goods accessible through the service.

GameFly offers new games for subscribers which is a plus since you don’t have to buy them right away, but getting those games is difficult when so many people are trying to secure the new releases. An obvious downside of this model is having to wait for the games’ availabilities to open up and then have them mailed to you and hope the discs work after others have used them. GameFly does often have some decent sales on games that people can pick through though, so even if they’re not getting games sent to their house from them, many people frequent the sales to get games at heavy discounts.