GameStop Collectibles Takeover: Retail Chain Coverts Over 200 Stores To 50% Gaming Memorabilia

Changes ... they are a-comin'. In order to compete with the increasing digital popularization in [...]

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Changes ... they are a-comin'. In order to compete with the increasing digital popularization in gaming culture, store like GameStop are re-evaluating their business practices and accessibility. Years ago when GameStop partnered up with ThinkGeek, the gaming retail store became filled with awesome new collectibles, housewear, apparel, and other gaming merch. Now it looks like the success of that merge has been taken to another level as over 200 stores have been converted to a 50% collectibles ratio!

In a recent conference call with the corporate offices, a huge chunk of the GameStop stores are making this move to be more market relevant. It seems to be working, because these very stores are seeing a markable increase in their video game sales. It makes sense. If shoppers are going in to see the latest statue, or a beanie for the winter, and happen to side glance at a new title: it's convenient. It's smart.

Executive Vice President of GameStop International, Mike Mauler, said that the sales increase was a direct result of "the new type of customer that those products bring into the GameStop ecosystem." Collectible sales have reportedly gone up 26.5% by the end of October 28th in directly correlation with the focus on this particular sect in recent months. All of those Funko Pop figures help too, we're sure.

More and more "GameStop Exclusive" and "ThinkGeek Exclusive" merchandise will also be showcases to "drive further growth" and make GameStop a staple for this particular portion of the market. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this in the future - gamers can now trade in their games for a shiney new statue ... so basically, collectors win and we can't see that as a bad thing!

(via Seeking Alpha)