GameStop Pro Day Sale Is Coming This Weekend With Huge Savings

GameStop is gearing up for another Pro Day Sale, which always offers PowerUp Rewards members some [...]

GameStop is gearing up for another Pro Day Sale, which always offers PowerUp Rewards members some of the best deals in gaming, from any retailer, all year long. Typically you have to be signed up as a Pro member in order to get the scoop on when these sales are going live, but Wario64 gave us the scoop this morning:

The banner is touting over $1,500 in exclusive member savings. This is obviously going to come in many forms. If past Pro Day sales are anything to go off of, you can expect huge dips in new game prices, can't-miss deals on pretty much any pre-owned game, discounts on consoles, and of course, big bonuses for trading in your own pre-owned games and consoles. If you've been saving up your used games and waiting for the perfect opportunity to swap them in for something new and exciting, Saturday is going to be the best time to do that.

Of course, Wario mentioned that he's looking forward to some free games, and that's definitely a possibility. When all of these discounts and sales go live, more often than not there are price errors that anyone with quick reflexes can take advantage of. There is no guarantee, of course, but it will be worth your vigilance. Here's a little more about the Pro Day Sale from the official GameStop website:

When is Pro Day?

"You could bookmark this page and obsessively check it every day until we announce our next controlled explosion of devastatingly awesome deals, or you could simply become a Pro member and receive notification well in advance of the next event."

What is Pro Day?

"Pro Day is how Pros buy games, gear, accessories, collectibles and more for super low prices that are even lower than the low prices they enjoy every day. Any lower and we risk fracturing Earth's tectonic lithosphere plates."

How do I go Pro?

  • Tell an associate you'd like to be a PowerUp Rewards member. Do you want be a Pro member who enjoys rewards that customers have enjoyed non-stop for nearly a decade? Or do you want to go full tilt Elite Pro and get the most points, best value and biggest rhetorical bang for your actual buck?

  • Going with the Pro membership? Give the associate $14.99. Taking it to the limit with Elite Pro? Give the associate $29.99. Don't worry. It's not a bribe. It's the annual membership fee..

  • Never ever miss amazing Pro Day deals ever again until the end of recorded time (or the next 365 days, whichever comes first)!

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