Gears 5 Players Get Bonus Loot After Early Access Problems

Gears 5 has officially launched as of Tuesday now that the standard edition of the game is [...]

Gears 5 has officially launched as of Tuesday now that the standard edition of the game is available. People have been playing all weekend though seeing how the early access version of the game launched last week late on September 5th, but the launch of the game wasn't without its problems. Players were unable to play online due to server issues, were kicked from matches, and weren't able to see post-game stats accurately reported. To make up for those problems, Gears 5 developer The Coalition is handing out some free Scrap and extra Boost for those affected.

The Coalition announced its intentions to distribute some free loot on Twitter today with a message that thanked everyone for their participation in the early access release. A total of 600 Scrap and five days of Boost will be given out to all early access players within the next two days, according to the tweet.

Players can use the boost that's acquired from the compensation gift to craft either skills or the cosmetics that make up the game's customizable options. Cosmetics such as banners and other features can be crafted with the resource, but if you've spent more time in Escape or Horde than the normal PvP mode, you might want to consider spending Scrap to upgrade some of your favorite characters' skills instead. Note that this Scrap isn't the same as Iron, the game's premium currency, so you won't be able to use it to unlock any of the items that call for that resource.

It's unclear if the timer on the five days of extra Boost that speeds up progression will start as soon as its added, so look for announcements like the one above just in case to make sure you don't waste your Boost.

Gears 5 players received updates throughout the duration of the early access period as The Coalition fixed problems that affected the game. Some of those issues kept players off of Gears 5's online features entirely, though other problems that weren't exclusive to Gears 5 were reported as well. Xbox Live had it's own problems which prevented players from signing in properly, an issue that led to people being unable to play even the campaign mode by themselves due to constantly being met with sign-in problems.

The Coalition's Gears 5 is now fully available on the Xbox One and PC platforms thanks to the standard edition's release, so expect to see many more people online this week.