Gears of War 5: Gamers React to Female Lead

Gears of War 5 was just announced during Xbox's press conference, and the Internet has a lot to say about the reveal that you'll be playing as a female lead for the first time.

Knowing how reactions to situations like this in games typically go – the Battlefield V reveal trailer that showed a British woman with facepaint and a prosthetic arm come to mind – it wouldn't be hard to imagine that people would be up in arms about the female protagonist. While you can certainly find those opinions if you look hard enough, it looks like those takes on the game are already being drowned out online by those who are in favor of the series offering a new way to play with the next Gears game's main character.

There's also those who are getting ahead of the curve and beating the naysayers to the punch. In fact, a quick search through Twitter shows that there aren't nearly as many gamers upset at the prospect of playing as a woman in Gears of War 5. Many more are preemptively striking out against those who would call out The Coalition and Xbox for the reveal trailer while noting that there don't actually appear to be many people disappointed with the next phase in the series' plans. People also took a shot at the same gamers who cried out about Battlefield V and said that the inclusion of a female character wasn't historically accurate.


Gears of War 5 is scheduled to be released in 2019