Genshin Impact's Remaining Regions Will Be Added Over Next 4 Years

Genshin Impact has been expanding its borders since the game launched last year, and with parts of [...]

Genshin Impact has been expanding its borders since the game launched last year, and with parts of the game's map still untraveled, there's naturally more to come in the future. Developer miHoYo talked about its plans for Genshin Impact recently during a Game Developers Conference panel and said that the developer plans to expand the game further by releasing additional regions over the next four years until all seven of Genshin Impact's Teyvat regions are playable.

The Genshin Impact discussion at GDC was one of several that was announced before hand with the conference underway this weekend. As reported by IGN, miHoYo CEO Haoyu Cai spoke during the event about plans for the next few regions to come to Genshin Impact.

"Although Genshin Impact has been online [since 2020], we are still developing future content," Cai said. "We just finished the three nations [out of] seven, and the third one, Inazuma hasn't been updated yet. It will take us another four years to finish all the seven nations in Teyvat."

That could be good or bad news depending on how satisfied you currently are with the content in Genshin Impact. For those happy with the mostly steady releases including the recent 2.0 update that added the Inazuma region, that means you've got years of content to look forward to with more regions to be added in the coming years. For those who want things to move a bit quicker, however, you'll be waiting a while. Four regions to go with four years planned out most likely means one region per year unless something changes in miHoYo's timeline, so it'll likely be some time before the game gets its next region.

Between those regions, Genshin Impact will at least continue to get its smaller updates to add new content, so there's still more to look forward to. The developer just recently announced a PlayStation crossover, for example, that's brought Hoirzon Zero Dawn's Aloy to the game.