Gloomhaven Comes to Consoles in 2023

The digital adaptation of Gloomhaven, one of the top-rated board games of all time, will be released for consoles in 2023. Asmodee Digital announced that it would release a console version of Gloomhaven next year, following the game's successful release on PCs in late 2021. Saber Interactive, a games studio also owned by Asmodee owner Embracer Group, will develop the adaptation for consoles. Flaming Fowl Studios originally developed Gloomhaven for PCs.

"We're excited to bring Gloomhaven to new players around the world with Saber Interactive," said Asmodee Digital CEO Pierre Ortolan in a press release. "Partnerships like this are one of the great advantages we have available to us now as part of Embracer Group, and we look forward to tapping into even more opportunities to deliver for our fans in the future."

Gloomhaven is a deep, thematic cooperative board game that mixes dungeon-crawling with a legacy style format. Players choose two actions to take from a hand of cards each turn. While they can choose to bring back cards to their hand using a long rest, their cards slowly deplete, and a character is eliminated when they run out of cards. There's also an element of uncertainty to the game, as attacks and abilities are modified with a modifier attack that includes cards that strengthen an attack as well as cards that totally negate it. Over time, players level up their character, which provide them with more powerful abilities and permanent modifiers to attacks and abilities. 

Another unique aspect of Gloomhaven is that every player has a unique objective they are trying to complete. Once a unique objective is completed, their current character is retired and they can choose another character. Certain characters and classes unlock over time, so part of the fun is choosing a new character and learning their ideal strategy. 

The digital version of Gloomhaven includes both the core campaign and the "Jaws of the Lion" expansion, which is based on the standalone Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion board game that's intended to serve as a more streamlined version of the game. A sequel to Gloomhaven, Frosthaven, is due to be released this year.