New God of War Mythology is "Weird," Says Creative Director When Discussing Levity

The new God of War is like the gift that keeps on giving, despite not even being out yet. We've [...]


The new God of War is like the gift that keeps on giving, despite not even being out yet. We've had tons of information come out in recent weeks diving deep into all things Kratos, including his son, their love of boats, and much, much more. Now Creative Director Cory Barlog is discussing those lighter moments in the game and how they were able to obtain a higher level of levity this go around as opposed to previous installments.

With switching it up in-game regarding the mythology, Barlog himself said that the Scandinavian mythos is "weird" and that gave the creative team a lot of freedom when it game down to the creation of gameplay progression. This is in regards to the previous Greek mythology setting of the franchise until this point, which was dripping with sadness and tragedy - making the general tone much more morose than the upcoming addition to the series:

"But Scandinavians, their mythology is weird, man," Barlog told Game Informer. "It has their sort of strange, irreverent sense of humor." The idea of a weird humor really attracted Barlog to this mythology in particular because he wanted to be able to have fun with it. He wanted to avoid having a heavy, somber weight fill the entire length of the campaign, and Scandinavian offered lighter moments. "[We wanted something where] we could be Marvel Universe instead of DC Universe.]"

This is only one of the many ways that the God of War franchise is being tweaked into something bigger, better. Barlog himself was created specifically to "break the series down" in an effort to build it into something Sony would want to back. After the previous installment, the PlayStation camp was done with the franchise and state that they would only greenlight the project if it was something different and it looks like the crew did just that.

"We have a diversity of memorable moments that is far greater than we've had in previous games. The memorable moments range from a single line spoken by one character who spoke strongly to them, to an epic moment that is sort of bombastic, to a moment that we didn't even think was that epic, but they perceived it as being this most amazing epic thing."

God of War has yet to receive a release date, though it is still slated for this year.