Palworld Teases New Pals, Features, and More During Summer Game Fest

Palworld is gearing up to introduce new Pals and much more at SGF.

Palworld quickly became the breakout hit of 2024 when it launched earlier this year. Developer Pocketpair's monster-catching survival game set records on Steam with its massive playerbase, and the developers have been working hard to introduce new content to the game. Late last month, the developers revealed that the next major update is coming in June and let players know that it would include new Pals. Recently, the official Palworld Twitter account further teased the new update, giving fans a first look at two of the new Pals. It also announced that the next update is getting its grand reveal at Summer Game Fest.

New Pals Coming to Palworld

(Photo: Pocketpair)

The Palworld teaser shows two more new Pals that will launch with the next major update. However, it's important to note that these might be variations on current Pals Wixen and Katress. Remember, the team gave us a look at four of the new Pals back in April, so these two would bring the total number up to six. It's also possible the team might announce even more variations on existing Pals to add more variety to the game.

Either way, the tease also mentions that Pocketpair will reveal "some long-awaited features." Unfortunately, we know from the official reveal that the list of new features won't include the PvP Arena. At first, it looked like the mode might be coming this summer, but Pocketpair later announced that it won't be launching until later in 2024. That said, Palworld still has a lot of room to grow during its early-access period, so it'll definitely be worth tuning in to see what's coming.

Summer Game Fest Date

Summer Game Fest will kick off on June 7th at 5pm ET. The conference is set to last two hours and SGF revealed recently that it is partnering with more than 55 different companies for the event. In addition to Pocketpair, fans can expect to see games from companies like 2K Games, Electronic Arts, Sega, Capcom, and many more. It's also been confirmed that both PlayStation and Xbox will be involved, though they will also be hosting their own events. The same is true of Nintendo, which isn't listed as an SGF partner, but will host a new Nintendo Direct next month. Just don't expect the company to talk about the Switch 2.

Palworld is available now on Xbox and PC platforms.