God of War: Dave Bautista Comments on Possibly Playing Kratos in Amazon TV Show

God of War is one of the most beloved game franchises out there, largely thanks to the recent soft-reboot of the series in 2018. Its critical and commercial success has reinvigorated the franchise, offering a mature take on the series that many could relate to and understand on some level. Of course, the 2018 entry was also the most cinematic of the series, making it prime for a live-action adaptation. Sony has confirmed it's working on a God of War TV series for Amazon, but details are scarce on the project. At the moment, it's unclear who will play Kratos, if it'll directly adapt the games, and what it will look like, but there is one prominent fan casting for the God of War himself.

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista is one of the names being circulated around by fans for Kratos. ComicBook.com suggested Bautista would make sense for the role on Instagram and Bautista actually responded in the comments section. "According to popular opinion, there's everyone else," said Bautista in his comment. "Hey! I love proving people wrong. #justsayin." It sounds like Bautista is open to the idea, if only to prove to people that he's capable in the role. Dave Bautista looks a lot like Kratos already, given he's a hulking giant who has had his body painted for other roles. All he really needs is a bushy beard and he will be as close to Kratos as one can get. Dave Bautista has also stated that he'd love to play Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War film, even going as far to turn down Fast and Furious to try and pitch himself as the best candidate for the Gears of War film.

Dave Bautista eventually appeared a playable character in Gears 5, but as of right now, he has yet to be cast in the film. Whether or not he can convince Sony and Amazon that he's right for Kratos in God of War remains to be seen, but if the audience demands it, he could start campaigning for this just as he did for Gears of War.