God Of War: This Is What Dave Bautista Would Look Like As Kratos

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With all of the God of War movie talk going on recently, it's no wonder that creative minds are getting in on this action. After the Pacific Rim Uprising director, Steven DeKnight, recently made mention that he wants Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista in the role of Kratos himself, and the actor/former wrestler in question saying a very enthusiastic 'Hell yeah', we now have concept art. Concept art that makes us very, very much want this to become reality.

We were by far not the only ones excited to see such a detailed piece of art reflecting what could be, here are some of our favourite reactions:

The reactions were ... split. Whereas the Gears of War movie idea with Bautista was met with resounding praise, some were having difficulty picturing this particular actor in the role of THE God of War:


Now, keep in mind - this is all just speculatory fun. Nothing is official, and we definitely don't have any concrete news. That being said, it's fun to imagine who our dream picks would be when our favourite video games make it to the big screen. This does open it up though as to who would be the perfect Kratos? Would it be Bautista, or someone different entirely? Sound off with your dream picks in the comment section below!