God of War Movie and TV Show Confirmed by Sony Not to Be in Development

Sony might currently be planning to release a new God of War video game later on in 2021, but one [...]

Sony might currently be planning to release a new God of War video game later on in 2021, but one thing that the company definitely isn't doing is creating a TV show or movie based on the action franchise. Despite rumors and fan theories circling over the past few months in relation to whether or not PlayStation Studios would opt to greenlight a series or film associated with God of War, the company has now confirmed that it has no such plans to expand the property into another medium at this time.

In a new article from The New York Times, it was explained how Sony currently has many upcoming movies and TV shows in production associated with some of its most popular gaming entities. From HBO's The Last of Us TV show to next year's long-awaited Uncharted movie, Sony has placed a heavy emphasis on adapting some of its most iconic video games into new iterations. However, a representative from Sony informed the publication outright that God of War currently isn't a franchise that it is looking to bring into the TV or film space. While this could obviously end up changing in the future, it's not something that is being planned right now.

Still, even if you're upset about a God of War TV show or movie not transpiring, that doesn't mean that Sony's upcoming slate of projects is going to be light whatsoever. Not only is it actively working on the aforementioned Uncharted and The Last of Us projects, but it's also currently making a movie based on Ghost of Tsushima and a TV series associated with the classic Twisted Metal franchise. Although both of these are still relatively early on in development, it stands to reason that we should only start to see more things like this coming about within the next few years.

As mentioned, even though God of War isn't going to be jumping to a new medium any time soon, a sequel to the PS4 entry, tentatively titled God of War: Ragnarok, is slated to release later in 2021. Even though the title is rumored to have already been delayed internally at Sony, God of War definitely won't be staying out of the limelight for long as we head into the future.