PlayStation Boss Provides Update on God of War Ragnarok Release Date

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has provided an update on God of War Ragnarok and when PlayStation fans [...]

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has provided an update on God of War Ragnarok and when PlayStation fans can expect the PS4 and PS5 game to release. During a new interview, Ryan noted that both Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games and the new God of War from Sony Santa Monica will release "in the next year or so," implying that God of War Ragnarok -- or whatever it winds up being officially called -- will release in 2022. However, the statement does -- seemingly -- leave the door open for the game to release even later than this. To this end, Ryan noted that it and all Sony games won't be rushed, as players only remember the "best games," and if more time is needed to hit this level, more time will be given to the team.

"It is better to wait and have a great game than to rush and have a game that is [only] okay or quite good," said Ryan while speaking with TMTPost. "Players only remember [the] best games rather than okay games. If it is a best game, players may want a sequel, and they will also want to buy a sequel, but no one really cares about a game that is only okay. Of course, due to financial and product portfolio considerations, we will also give pressure to studios to deliver a certain product within the expected time. But in general, we don't want products that are okay, we want the best."

As you may know, this comment from Ryan echoes what we've been hearing from reports and scuttlebutt, which is that Sony, under Ryan more than ever, has doubled down on big-budget, premium experiences. In other words, creating games that fall under the category of "best."

Luckily for Sony, it has something special brewing at Santa Monica Studios with the God of War team under the leadership of Cory Barlog. With 2018's reboot of the franchise, Barlog and co. created one of the highest-rated and best games of the last generation. At the moment, there's no reason to doubt this success will continue with the game's successor on PS5.

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