Grand Theft Auto Fan Shares Wild GTA 6 Release Window Theory

At this point, Rockstar Games has made it more than clear that GTA VI won't be releasing anytime [...]

At this point, Rockstar Games has made it more than clear that GTA VI won't be releasing anytime soon. The next Grand Theft Auto game is currently in development, but fans will have to make do with GTA Online and this year's next-gen update for GTA V until then. However, one fan has found some interesting clues in GTA Online that could finally point to a release window for the next game. Reddit user Karzmat has posted a multi-part analysis of potential clues that have been previously revealed. At the center of this theory is last year's Cayo Perico Heist teaser. As fans discovered last year, the video featured real-life coordinates for a road shaped like a "VI."

This was already noticed by fans, and the real-life location is on road 642. Karzmat posits that the road number is showing a possible release window: "642" could be a jumbled version of "June 2024," which would fit with reporting we've seen about the year the game will release. Karzmat's theory also references the Los Santos Airport location in GTA Online. That location features six doors with "2021" written on them. There has been a lot of speculation about this, and Karzmat believes that it might be alluding to this year's next-gen update for GTA V, which might also feature some kind of tease for GTA VI. The post goes on to speculate that more teases could arrive next year, with a trailer released in 2023.

As this is all theoretical, readers should take it with a huge heaping of salt. June 2024 is a long way away, and it seem unlikely that Rockstar would have a set month of the year planned for the game this far out. It's always fun to look for Easter eggs, as long as fans have fun with it and don't take it too seriously! Video game development is a very long process, and a lot can change throughout. Hopefully when Rockstar pull backs the curtain on the game, it will live up to all the hype!

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