Grounded Game Demo Comes to Xbox and Steam

Grounded is getting a demo on the Xbox One and PC platforms to give players a first hands-on [...]

Grounded is getting a demo on the Xbox One and PC platforms to give players a first hands-on preview of the game. The game where players have to survive a backyard adventure after being shrunken down to the size of or smaller than common insects will be playable on the Xbox One and through Steam as part of the ongoing Steam Game Festival event. To play it on the Xbox One though, you'll need to be a part of the Xbox Insider Hub and will have to be accepted into the demo opportunity to play it. This demo will take players through a single-player portion of Grounded and will show them what gameplay and the world looks like when you're just one centimeter off the ground.

Xbox and Obsidian Entertainment announced the plans for the demo on Tuesday ahead of the demo's release. This new demo will be a timed one and is available until June 22nd after it's gone live in both the Xbox Insider Hub and on Steam.

Mikey Dowling, the director of communications at Obsidian, shared some more info on what the demo would be like.

"Over the course of one in-game day, this experience will allow players to craft tools and weapons, build structures, and survive against the various perils of being small. While the demo itself is timed, players will be able to explore the backyard and restart multiple times during the course of the six days it will be available."

We've seen parts of Grounded before, but this will be players' first chance to get a hands-on experience with the game even if it's a timed one. You can still play it over and over despite the timer so that you can try new things until the demo comes to an end.

After it ends, we'll have just under a month to go until the game fully releases as an Xbox Game Preview title. It's scheduled to release for the Xbox One and PC platforms starting on July 28th, and like other first-party games, it'll be available through Xbox Game Pass when it's released.

To make sure you don't miss out on demos like this in the future, it may be worth getting into the Xbox Insider Program yourself.