GTA 6 Screenshot Leaves Grand Theft Auto Fans Drooling

GTA 6 leaked online last year in one of the biggest leaks in gaming history. According to reports, the images and video of the game that leaked online were from a very early (pre-alpha) build of the game, yet, some of what surfaced was still quite visually striking. To this end, a screenshot that featured in this leak has resurfaced and is making the rounds. At first, many thought the image was a new leak, but it was a part of the 2022 leak. Many have simply never seen it before because it got buried under an avalanche of other media of the game. That said, while it's technically not new, it's new to many Grand Theft Auto fans, almost all of which are drooling looking over it. The image in question shows one of the game's two protagonists, a group of NPCs, and some absolute excellent technical work. 

"Not gonna lie, but I feel that those who say the game looks s** are just attention seekers, even by an unfinished game's standards, these graphics are honestly some of the best I've ever seen," writes one fan of the leak. "They're not about having millions of puddles scattered around, with every surface being reflective, simply good graphics that are about accurate realistic lighting and shadows (check the light and shadows on the walls), nice texturing that feels photorealistic and smooth (zoom on the manhole in the ground), and great models (Lucia of course, and the environment, not the NPCs)."

"This is the best night time I've seen thus far except Red Dead Redemption 2, this game looks unbelievable even during the testing phase and better than 90% of the games out right now, Rockstar has outdone themselves yet again," adds another comment. 

This looks so good man from GTA6

The post, which is on the GTA 6 Reddit page, has over 2.6k votes up and over 500 comments, many of which express a positive opinion about how the game is looking. And to be fair, the game looks good. If this is indeed from a pre-alpha build of the game, then GTA 6 is shaping up to be another graphical benchmark from Rockstar Games.

"Rockstar, you have really outdone yourselves with this digital environment, I must say," adds a third Reddit user. "It has the same volumetric feeling that is present in Red Dead Redemption 2 if you have the higher graphical setting to allow it, with the way that light affects the surface it scatters on does and it captures that element very well. Very realistic Rockstar."